These are the hottest nail art trends we’re seeing right now!

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Nail art is fun, relaxing, and arguably one of the most exciting ways to switch up your style. So, we’ve curated a list of the nail trends that are in-vogue right now. This year, we’re upping our nail art game with twists on classic styles like french manicures and DIY art.  

Coloured French Tips

French tips are always a classic, but in 2022, we’re giving this style a unique twist. This year, switch out the classic cream-and-white combination for colourful tips. You can go for subtle or statement tips, stick to one colour or mix-and-match, or even experiment with negative space. The opportunities are endless, and each twist is fun and fresh!

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Image Credit: @sassynailstudio (Instagram)


We’re integrating the world into our style this year, engaging in escapism through intricate nail art instead of TV, movies, or books. Escapism-based nail art is increasing in popularity every day, with styles such as geode nails, aurora nails, and ocean nails being the most popular. Experiment with DIY, or make your way to the salon for a twist on traditional nail art. And remember, if you get aurora nails, be sure to show them off in motion!

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Image Credit: @yuca_814 (Instagram)

Swirl Art

One of the most striking, unique art styles is a marbled or swirled manicure! No two nails are alike, and no two manicures are the same. It’s the perfect combination of a fun, bright colour scheme and a playful style. For a DIY approach, blend your most pigmented colours together, and then finish off with a gel topcoat.

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Image Credit: @amberjhnails (Instagram)


Embellished nails glam up a regular outfit by 100%! And they’re just as relaxing to get done. Embellishments and 3D art are popular for both acrylic and natural nails. Some may think they may be impractical at times, but they’re completely extra, fun and chic!

embellished nail art

Image Credit: @overglowedit (Instagram)

Mix and Match

Mix-and-match styles aren’t just popular for french manicures. This year, we’re seeing them as solid mix-and-match nails, an ombre of different shades of the same colour, or even as mix-and-match nail art. 

mi and match pastel nail art design

Image Credit: @thehangedit (Instagram)

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