How to get the Barbiecore aesthetic with these top-trending nail art designs.


Come on Barbie, let’s go get our nails done!

The Barbiecore aesthetic has been gaining popularity within the beauty and fashion world, with designs inspired by the one and only, Barbie doll. Today, HOLR reached out to Raquel DaSilva, founder of LASHGOD, to discuss how to get the coveted Barbiecore aesthetic through these top-trending nail art designs.

Barbiecore is here!

“Barbie-inspired nails are always in style, but recently we’ve seen an influx of customers requesting the infamous “Barbie pink” nails – just in time for the highly anticipated Barbie movie launching soon!” says DaSilva.

Check out some of the top-trending Barbiecore nail designs below:

barbiecore nails

Barbie-inspired French mani

DaSilva is dishing on some of the brand’s favourite Barbie-inspired trends this season. For instance, she notes that a hot pink French mani offers a Barbie-inspired twist on a glamorous, classic set. This is because this style incorporates hot pink tips for a Barbie style that you can rock every day.

barbiecore nails

Barbie Dust

Another popular Barbie trend that DaSilva is loving-and seeing a lot lately- is pink sparkles, aka Barbie Dust! As a result, she recommends getting full pink sparkles or pink chrome nails in an almond or coffin shape for the ultimate Barbie-inspired nails with a feminine touch.

barbiecore nails

Bold Barbie

If you’re looking for something bolder, pink hand-painted asymmetric squiggles are the way to go!

The first-ever Barbie doll was named, Barbara Millicent Roberts. She became iconic for sporting a striped bikini with lines similar to that of the brand’s hand-painted line work, pictured above. As a result, DaSilva wanted to turn Barbie’s original debut outfit into a must-have nail design for clients who love to rock the Barbiecore aesthetic.

barbiecore nails

Check out LASHGOD to make your Barbiecore nail dreams come true!

To help make their clients’ Barbie beauty dreams come true, DaSilva’s LASHGOD Salons offers over 180 shades of pink. Therefore, be sure to check out the brand’s website here to book your appointment today!

Published by HOLR Magazine.