Austin Victoria from Selling the OC has taken to social media to share receipts involving his former co-worker, Sean Palmieri.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @zacharyreality, Austin has come forward to address claims that he and his wife allegedly tried to engage in a “three-way” with Sean- which was an accusation made during Season 3 of Selling the OC.


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Sean and Austin Selling OC Fight

As the TikToker notes, Sean accused Austin of hitting on him, and wanting to “experiment.” Sean seemingly tried to confront Austin about everything in the finale, but Austin ended up leaving before he could have the chance. Now, Austin has taken to Instagram to voice his perspective on the situation.

He posted this story series which addresses the claims and shows text message receipts from Sean, in order to debunk Sean’s previous claims.


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Austin Selling OC cheating?

Austin urges viewers to watch the entire season as “lies start to fall apart and opinions change” during the finale. Austin seemingly alleges that Sean got “desperate” for screentime during this season and essentially made up lies to get a storyline as Sean reportedly has not sold a property in 2 years and was thereby not getting paid for reality TV if he was not featured on Selling the OC.

Austin goes on to say that he loves his LGBTQ+ friends and will continue to support them. However, he addresses Sean’s “flirty” claims by saying that actions such as sending heart emojis, complimenting progress in the gym, or double-tapping posts do not mean that he is hitting on you.

Austin Selling OC Lisa

Austin also states that he is a “straight man” who loves his wife. He also claims that he and his wife will never “experiment.”

Austin also posted the above text message receipts from Sean (Sean is grey, and Austin is blue in the conversation) to show that the pair had a friendship and Sean had a good time hanging with Austin.

What are your thoughts on Austin coming forward to address these Season 3 claims?

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