Selling the OC is back for season 2, and everyone is talking about Tyler Stanaland and his divorce- what caused it? Could another cast member of the show be to blame?

CAUTION: Season 2 Spoilers ahead!

Selling the OC‘s Tyler Stanaland’s divorce is a hot topic this season as the cast- and public- have some differing opinions on how messy it seemingly looks from the outside looking in.

Tyler Stanaland Wife

Stanaland was married to actress Brittany Snow, in which the pair finalized their divorce in July 2023 less than a year after announcing their separation on social media. The news came after Season 1 of the show aired, in which Stanaland was involved with some drama between his female castmates Kayla Cardona and Alex Hall. Cardona allegedly tried to kiss Stanaland while Hall and Stanaland maintained a strong friendship that seemingly went over the line at times to viewers at times.

In this latest season, it was also alleged that Polly Brindle made out with Stanaland in the office while he was separated from Snow.

According to the below TikTok video posted by user @zacharyreality, cast member Brandi Marshall was not a fan of Stanaland and Hall’s strong friendship, as it seemed to her that Hall looked like “the other woman” while Stanaland was clearly going through a public divorce.


brandi might be looking out for her friend but shes overstepping. Tyler is single & alex hall is the queen of the show. #sellingtheoc #sellingsunset #netflix #zacharyreality

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The pair’s flirty friendship further pushed narratives and rumors that Stanaland may have been cheating on Snow with Hall, although the pair claim that nothing happened between them while he was married- it just looked like they were flirting with each other from the outside. There is no concrete evidence to support that the duo did anything together while Stanaland was still married, but by the end of the season, we see that Stanaland wants to pursue a romantic relationship with Hall. Brandi thinks it’s “wrong” of the two to date, as she made her opinion on the show very clear and claimed it was a “bad look” for the office, in general.

Tyler Stanaland Alex Hall

Since the show seemingly confirmed the pair are trying to pursue a relationship, it makes sense why the duo was seen vacationing in Dubai together earlier as HOLR previously reported.

What do you think- could Stanaland have cheated on Snow during their marriage? There is no concrete evidence to support these claims but the rumor mill is constantly churning…

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