Fans noticed that Brandi Marshall is allegedly not in the latest trailer for Selling the OC Season 3.

What happened with Brandi and Hall?

According to this TikTok video posted by user @positivelyuncensored, fans have taken notice of the fact that Brandi Marshall, one of the realtors in Selling the OC, is seemingly not part of the latest trailer.

Brandi was a prominent character in both Selling the OC and Selling the OC Season 2, where she most notably confronted Alex Hall about her alleged relationship with Tyler Stanaland. The newest trailer features the rest of the cast, including the latest addition, Alexandra Harper, although Brandi seems to be no where in sight.

Brandi and Alex Make Up?

Brandi and Alex Hall, one of the other realtors on the show, had a confrontation last season and their friendship seemingly fizzled out after it was rumored that Alex was allegedly getting close to Stanaland following his recent divorce from Brittany Snow.

The pair seemingly had not made up when the most recent Selling Sunset reunion occurred because the duo had an icy encounter on stage when it was brought to the audience’s attention that they don’t talk anymore. The two allegedly do not have a friendship any longer.

Who is Brandi married to from Selling the OC?

Brandi is married to Sean Marshall, who is a former basketball player as well as an entrepreneur.

It will be interesting to see if Brandi makes an appearance in this season of Selling the OC. Looks like we will have to tune in on May 3 to find out when the latest season drops. 

Check out the latest trailer here.

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Image Credits: @positivelyuncensored TikTok, @shesbrandimarshall Instagram

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