People allegedly noticed something interesting about Martha from Baby Reindeer‘s emails. 

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HOLR breaks down the theory, below, as explained by TikToker @indigoreports here.


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Baby Reindeer Emails

As the TikToker notes, Baby Reindeer is about comedian Donny Dunn (played by Richard Gadd) who gets stalked by a woman named Martha. The series is based on a true story of Gadd’s real-life encounters and events. The real-life Martha- whose identity has not been revealed and remains unknown- supposedly sent Gadd 40,000 emails.

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In the show, the emails from Martha are shown on screen causing the fans to instantly notice a coincidence in the email’s number sequence.

As someone pointed out online (@JacobStolworthy on X), the number sequence is actually from the show, Lost. In Lost, Hurley played these numbers in the lottery and won. However, since then his life has gone downhill and he believes that the numbers are cursed.

Fans are now theorizing what these numbers in Martha’s email could actually mean. As the TikToker questions, “Was the real-life Martha obsessed with Lost?” or “Does the creator love Lost?”Another theory reportedly alleges that ever since Martha- AKA the numbers- came into Gadd’s life, everything went seemingly downhill from there. Nothing has been officially confirmed, but this is an interesting alleged connection, nonetheless.

What are your thoughts on this alleged coincidence between Baby Reindeer and Lost

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