Is Richard Gadd, the creator and star of Netflix’s Baby Reindeer, in a relationship?

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Baby Reindeer has taken over Netflix as one of the most intriguing series based on a true story of Gadd’s real-life experience with a stalker. The show also depicts different relationships in his life and how they impacted the storyline.

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In the series, Gadd – who plays Domny Dunn, a comedian- encounters Martha Scott, a woman who becomes deeply infatuated and obsessed with Dunn as she physically and virtually stalks him. The series plays out Gadd’s traumatic experience, their relationship, and his thought processes behind real-life events that are based on his own true story.

Is Richard Gadd in a relationship?

HOLR won’t be listing any spoilers, but fans are eager to know if Gadd is currently dating anyone following the show’s success. According to this related article, Gadd has openly come out as bisexual although he seemingly remains private about his relationships. As a result, it is unclear if Gadd is currently dating or married as nothing has been confirmed.

Baby Reindeer Real Martha

Everyone wants to know who the real Martha Scott is following the show’s depiction of Gadd’s stalker. As HOLR previously reported here, unearthed tweets allegedly from a woman named Fiona Harvey (supposedly posted by user @fionaharvey2014 on X) have prompted online speculation about a possible correlation to the series, since they date back several years and seemingly mirror Scott’s behavior. Could these tweets by a supposed Harvey be connected to the series in some way? Is this the real Martha Scott? The internet is in a frenzy trying to decipher who the real Martha Scott could be although nothing has been officially confirmed.

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