The Reviews Are In! Critics Are Loving ‘Barbie: The Movie

Critics attended the first screening of ‘Barbie: The Movie’ and their reviews are strong. HOLR is breaking down the reviews and what this could mean upon wide release!

'Barbie: The Movie' official poster with Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken.

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Is ‘Barbie’ The Movie Of The Summer?

‘Barbie: The Movie’ is one of the most anticipated movies of 2023 and the hype is real! Barbie’s been everywhere, and now she’s one step closer to coming to a theater near you!

Los Angeles, California held the premiere of ‘Barbie: The Movie’ hosting the first official public screening of the film. First reactions are making their way around social media and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Check out some reviews below. No Spoilers!’s Jamie Jirnak wrote:

Variety’s Katcy Stephan said:

Rotten Tomatoes Carla Renata added:

Screen Rant’s Joseph Deckelmeier wrote:

The hype for this movie is so real! Even with ‘Oppenheimer’ releasing the same day, ‘Barbie: The Movie‘ has managed to capture everyone’s attention. From makeup collaborations to the cover of ‘Vogue Magazine’ people cannot seem to take their minds off Barbie. And with the way these reviews have are going, it may turn out to be worth the hype. Which, if true, will be a breath of fresh air in comparison to other films released this year.

‘Barbie: The Movie’ is already generating Oscar buzz! Specifically around Ryan Gosling’s performance as Ken. The film has major influence from three time Academy Award nominated director Greta Gerwig. Maybe this means the film may have a chance in the awards circle? Though it is rare for whimsical comedies like ‘Barbie: The Movie’ to win an Oscar, if we’re to believe these reviews, the film might at least score some nominations.

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