According to a recent TikTok, Bartise Bowden’s baby mama has. allegedly been revealed. So, who is she?

TikTok has been trying to figure out who Bartise Bowden’s baby mama is after the reality star shocked fans with news that he is officially a father.

Check out Bartise’s Instagram post announcing the news below.


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Who did Bartise have a baby with?

Many TikToks have emerged with their findings after Bartise announced the news on social media. According to this TikTok, user @itme.kb allegedly found out who the woman is using the Love is Blind subreddit and supposedly cross-referencing her findings with TikTok. From there, she apparently found the woman’s alleged social media handle.

Check out the full TikTok video, below.


I am aggressively nosey adm found the mother of Bartise’s child. You’re welcome internet. #loveisblind #loveisblindseason3 #loveisblindnetflix

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According to the above TikTok and the supposed filming timeline, it is likely to believe that Bartise’s child was not conceived until after Perfect Match filming had commenced. In this case, both of Bartise’s shows- Love is Blind and Perfect Match– had air dates after the child was conceived, meaning the woman supposedly did not know how Bartise was going to be viewed and perceived on these shows.

Did Bartise have a baby?

The woman also allegedly didn’t show for the first 5 months, leading others to believe she didn’t know she was pregnant, initially.  The TikTok alleges that Bartise may not have known that the child existed and that the paternity may have been called into question.

Although this woman has not come out publicly to confirm that she is Bartise’s baby momma, TikTokers are convinced that they have found her.

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