Bartise, a former contestant on Netflix’s Love is Blind, shocked fans by posting an Instagram post stating he’s a father. Who did Bartise have a baby with?

Bartise Bowden, former contestant on Love is Blind, is a FATHER!


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Bartise Son

The reality TV star posted this Instagram post last night revealing the news to his followers.


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Who did Bartise have a baby with?

Fans were shocked to learn the news of the star being a father, especially after he just appeared on Netflix’s latest dating show, Perfect Match. In fact, some of his former co-stars congratulated him on his announcement.

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Image Credit: @bartiseb Instagram

The burning question is who did Bartise have a baby with? The star did not reveal who his baby momma is, so fans have been speculating.

Fans took turns guessing in the comments:

“The math ain’t mathing. He did two shows back to back wouldn’t that mean he left girl pregnant at home to go find someone else on a dating show?”

“I guarantee what happened was he got a girl pregnant and she told him and he didn’t believe her so the baby was born and he got a DNA test done and realized that is his baby and now he’s publicly, announcing it”

Is Bartise and Nancy still together?

Fans have also been wondering if Bartise and Nancy are still together.

The duo initially got engaged on Season 3 of Love is Blind so fans have been wondering if they are still together after he left her at the altar. According to the After the Altar episode of Season 3, Nancy and Bartise were still friendly after their season ended but she ultimately told Bartise she was done with him as mentioned here.

HOLR will be keeping an eye on this story and whether or not Bartise reveals who he had a baby with.

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