Being able to finish tasks in your workshop depends largely on your abilities, although, to a lesser degree, the expense of your toolbox is also a determining factor. With only a few simple tools, you will be able you undertake several home renovation tasks. 

That being said, hopefully, this short and yet useful list will get you started no matter if you intend to spend any time constructing and fixing stuff in the garage or even need to make your house more useful and simply look better. 

Measuring Tape

It is generally very important for the quality of your projects, for you to be able to measure the things you are creating first. Keeping a retractable measuring tape on your hands will help you to easily check how large the room is that you are attempting to fit the bookcase you intend to make or to measure the length of those pieces of metal and wood you want to cut down. 

As a general-purpose tape, it is recommended to use a tape of about 8 meters or 26 feet since it will be long enough but not too bulky to carry around for most outdoor or indoor activities.

The Saw

There are usually two major kinds of hand saws. First, timber saws used for cutting wood, and second hacksaws used for everything else. Of course, there are other types like metal saws. Altogether, they offer various ways to cut through metal and other materials with ease. In case you can afford it, any saw with a range of blades is worth buying. If you are primarily cutting through thin material, saw blades are measured in teeth per inch. And for that,  you would need a blade with more TPI than if you were to cut thick material. 

For a woodworking handsaw saw, the decent starting point is about 7 to 10 TPI. The handsaw handle design will often double as a square which will allow you to map out the lines at 90and 45 degrees. When you buy a hacksaw, you will see that they always come with a variety of blades to get you started. 

This is nice, to say the least since it will help you to cut a range of materials. Of course, you can get new blade packs as a replacement for the ones you use more often. A thing to point out with a hacksaw is, that the teeth are pointing forward. Usually, the blades also have an arrow on them. 

The Level

To determine if something is perfectly vertical or horizontal, a level is used. Levels are found in various sizes, shapes, sizes, as well as price scales. The most beneficial standard is the level of a two, or four feet carpenter level, also known as spirit. You will love seeing both in case you intend to do a lot of home remodelling. 

The best bargains include rugged frames made out of aluminum. A torpedo, that has a standard of nine inches, is easy to store in a toolbox and is helpful for testing short spans. It would be wise not to depend on a torpedo level’s precision however over long periods.

A Hammer

Nails can be pushed in or replaced by a curved claw hammer. Some people prefer a 20-ounce variant with a straight claw and a smooth profile. 

Although others would like a smaller hammer,  it is not recommended to choose the one that is weighing below 16 ounces. Handles of steel and fibreglass are best.

Multi-Tool Knife

The cheapest tool you can own, but one that on a daily basis can come in handy is a multi-tool knife. It would be wise to search for a retractable blade model. 

Also, it is recommended to always retract the blade until the knife is set down when buying. Blades are cheap, and they need to be changed sometimes. 

The File Set

Even if you just intend on doing woodwork, it is always well worth getting a collection of various files. They are considered to be a must-have if you are into metalwork. 

Files are available in a vast range and also come in various sizes, shapes,  as well as smoothness. A round, flat, and a half-round file should be a part of a strong simple set.

It would be wise to consider the workshop instruments listed as investments for your workshop. Of course, firstly review your priorities and pick the equipment for the workshop that will serve your needs the best. 

Also, there is no need to buy all items at once, but adding the tools one by one will give you everything you need. And as your talents expand, and your tasks become more complex you will find a huge collection of tools more than useful.