Peloton Yoga now offers a full-spectrum approach to crafting your custom, complete practice at any ability level, designed and led by Peloton’s expert instructors. Peloton has added three new instructors and will be producing yoga content in two new languages: Spanish and German, in addition to English.

Mariana FernándezNico Sarani and Kirra Michel have joined the Peloton instructor team, which expands the company’s yoga roster from six to nine instructors. Mariana will be teaching classes in both Spanish and English, while Nico will be teaching classes in German and Kirra in English. 

Peloton Yoga will also now be broken down into five unique elements, allowing Members of all experience levels to easily create a purpose-driven, holistic and comprehensive practice. Whether you choose to mix-and-match elements, become a firm fan of one or go on a journey through all five, Peloton recognizes that we all start somewhere. The five new yoga collections are Foundation, Power, Focus, Recovery and Unity.

Foundation is perfect to initiate or build upon your yoga journey with a strong base with classes like Yoga Flow, Yoga Basics and Yoga Anywhere. Their instructors will guide you through the fundamentals, cultivating a link between your physical and mental practice, which you can build upon with classes across all collections.

Power is great if you want to push the limits of your practice. Whether you consider yourself an advanced practitioner or are looking to experience the extent of your fortitude, you’ve come to the right place. Classes will emphasize strength and stamina postures, move more quickly and your instructors will cue each pose with less detail than in a Foundation class.

Focus, if you want to refine a specific component of your practice that is exactly what you’re going to get when you tap into Focus Flow classes that dive deep into a specific pose, body part or even your mood. 

Recovery will help you balance out the hard work you’ve been putting into other areas of your life. Soak in your effort and allow yourself a chance to replenish your energy stores for the next time you plan to go all-out. Because on the mat, we find space to slow down. 

Unity, yoga literally means union and with this collection, you’ll let go and just move with the Peloton community by your side amplifying the experience with music and celebration in classes like Artist Series and Fit Family Flows. Lift your spirit, send some high fives and be at one with the Peloton community.

Peloton Members will still be able to access live and on-demand yoga content from their smart TV, Bike/Bike+, Tread or App, which is free for 30 days for new Members.