What is the BBC Royal announcement and when is it coming? HOLR breaks down alleged claims. 

BBC Royal News

According to this TikTok video posted by user @thekylemarisa, a press injunction on Royal Family news announcement is allegedly due by Wednesday of this week.

BBC Royal Announcement Standby

As noted in the video, there is allegedly a super injunction meaning that no one can release this alleged news until an announcement is released or until someone gets the greenlight from the Royal Family’s comms team to reveal it. An alleged source reportedly claimed that this same thing happened with the death of Queen Elizabeth II as well as Prince Andrew’s situation.

Royal Announcement

According to this source outlined in the video, there is a repetitive rumor about the Royal Family allegedly in the TikToker’s posts that are not rumors and are seemingly true. However, this alleged rumor has not (yet) been revealed. Within the next day or two- Wednesday at the latest- the alleged news will reportedly be released to the public. However, the timeline remains unclear and the information remains unknown.

Royal News

As the TikToker notes, this is a very hush-hush situation at the moment. Allegedly, some of the rumors on TikTok are exactly what the alleged source inside claims is going on. It’s repeatedly “way more” than Kate Middleton’s health and “not even 100% sure Kate had anything physically wrong with her,” as the source allegedly implied.

Royal Announcement Today?

Now, there is no concrete evidence to support these alleged claims but the supposed reveal is allegedly going to be “enormous” and “scandalous” according to the TikToker. What are your thoughts on these supposed rumors surrounding the royal family?

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Image credits: @theroyalfamily Instagram and @princeandprincessofwales Instagram, @thekylemarisa TikTok