Ben Affleck Makes Headlines For A Viral Video Of Him Slamming A Car Door On Jennifer Lopez

Could there be some trouble in paradise for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez?

After a video which stirred up some commotion, fans are concerned about the happiness of JLO.


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In the video, we see the couple walk towards the car, Affleck opens the door for JLO and then slams the car door shut.

The reaction from fans was obviously not the best. One user commented,

“Wow!!!! It’s the respect for me! Jennifer, you just can’t get it right with these men. Jenn just stay single Baby ??✌?”

Another commented,

“What happened to all the lovey-dovey stuff? Honeymoon is over ?”

Some people vouched for Affleck claiming he was aggravated by being filmed.

“Maybe he’s tired of always being followed around and what’s to be left alone”

This isn’t the first we’ve seen some questionable actions from Affleck toward Jennifer Lopez. Flashback to the Grammy’s where the videos of them having a supposed fight on live television was caught.


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Why Didn’t JLo Marry Ben Affleck The First Time?

JLO and Ben Affleck were set to be married in the early 2000s, although the plan fell through causing them to separate. Questions that most people have is, what happened between the two that caused them to call off their marriage?

Affleck joined Howard Stern on his show where they discussed Ben’s lovelife, including the reason why the couple called it quits the first time.

Image Credit: Daniele Venturelli, Getty Images

“I would say [media attention] was about 50 per cent [of what destroyed our relationship],” He said, “The idea that people hate you and they hate you together and that being together is poison and ugly and toxic and the thing none of us want to be part of. And ‘who the f**k would want to have them to dinner?’ And ‘what the f**k are they doing together?’”

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