We all know that staring into our computer or phone screen for hours on end is detrimental to our health in many ways. With so much of our lives spent online, it’s seemingly impossible to avoid. The emerging trend of blue light protection glasses is a step in the right direction. Eyeglass wear companies are aware of the importance of protecting our eyes from this digital strain and they have made it so much easier for us with the introduction of lenses that filter out the harmful blue light that is emitted from our screens. The lense of these glasses can be upgraded with your prescription if you have one, and given the influx of this trend onto the market, it’s easy to find the frame that’s best for you.

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The benefits of these blue light glasses are vast, but primarily they can assist with the strain that occurs on your eyes when staring at a screen all day. This strain can cause chronic headaches, deteriorated vision, and blurry, dry eyes. The blue light that is produced from the screen affects our circadian rhythm and with prolonged exposure, it will have a severe and long-term impact on our sleep. While we may not be able to avoid living in the digital era, we can take measures to protect ourselves.

Here is a list of our top 3 favorite brands making affordable blue light protection glasses that don’t compromise fashion over function.


This Montreal born company has some of the best selections of eyewear in the Canadian Market. They make it easy to select the frame that works best for you by doing customized fittings in-store and the option of a virtual try-on. Find our favorite look here.

Warby Parker

What began as a mission to create affordable eyewear for the general population, turned into a socially conscious brand with their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair Program, Warby Paker has some of the best selections to fit any style. You can add the blue light protection lense to any frame for an additional $50. Find our favorite here.

Quay Australia

One of the most notoriously hip eyewear brands on the market has been a favorite of celebrities and influencers since it’s inception in 2004 for good reason. Always on-trend, there is a style for everyone. Our favourite frames can be found here.