Shopping online for the right glasses and/or sunglasses at a reasonable price has been made easy by Warby Parker’s Frames Quiz and Virtual Try-On Tool. Check out Warby Parker  to see all of the styles.

With just a few simple questions, the Frames Quiz helps you find the perfect pair of glasses that complement your facial features. Such questions include the type of face shape you have and the various styles of frames, colours, and materials you would like. At the end of the quiz, a simplified list of glasses will be recommended based on your preference.

Warby Parker also has a feature using the Proprietary Placement Algorithm and Apple’s ARKit and TrueDepth camera, which allows you to virtually try a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. This feature is especially greatif you’re still unsure with the quiz as the facial recognition allows for a more personal and accurate measure of the eyewear.

Depending on the type of prescription you need, Warby Parker offers various types of prescriptions including progressive, bifocal, prism, readers, and many more. If you’ve been working from home and it requires you to stare at a desktop or laptop for a long period of time, we’d recommend you blue light-filtering lenses which help maintain a comfortable vision all throughout the day and prevent eye-strain. Luckily, Warby Parker also offers these lenses including high index lenses that provide clear vision for those with higher prescriptions. 

Along with the brand’s goal of building a business grounded on solving problems, they are working with nonprofit organizations by providing basic eye exams and being transparent in the production of their glasses. As part of Warby Parker’s Buy A Pair, Give A Pair program, for every pair of glasses sold a pair will be distributed to someone in need.

Celebrity Picks

Ryan Gosling wearing Warby Parker’s Seymour eyeglasses

Jessica Alba wearing Warby Parker’s Chelsea eyeglasses

TI wearing Warby Parker’s Burke eyeglasses

Karlie Kloss wearing Warby Parker’s Downing sunglasses