Beyonce Stagecoach 2024 Rumor

With the release of Beyonce’s latest album Cowboy Carter, rumors are swirling about the appearances Beyonce might be making in the near future. While fans speculate she will be announcing a Cowboy Carter tour in 2024, others online have been discussing the possibility of Beyonce making an appearance at Stagecoach this year. Given that Beyonce has stepped into the Country genre with Cowboy Carter, it wouldn’t be entirely farfetched to think she will make a guest appearance at Stagecoach.

Will Beyonce Perform at Stagecoach 2024?

There have been whispers online that Beyonce may join Willie Nelson on stage at Stagecoach 2024 for a surprise appearance. Willie Nelson will be performing on Saturday, April 27th. Willie Nelson collaborated on three tracks with Beyonce on the Cowboy Carter album so will Beyonce be joining him on stage? These rumors have not been confirmed as of yet but music festivals do like to often keep the unannounced guests a surprise until the night of.

Beyonce Willie Nelson Stagecoach

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Beyonce Willie Nelson Stagecoach

Willie Nelson appears on Cowboy Carter in the tracks, Smoke Hour * Willie Nelson, Smoke Hour II and Just For Fun. If Beyonce does perform with Willie Nelson at Stagecoach it would definitely be iconic and a great way for her to continue her latest musical domination in the Country genre.

Beyonce Post Malone Stagecoach 2024

With Post Malone being listed as one of the performers at Stagecoach 2024, Beyonce may join him on stage also to perform their song ‘Leviis’ Jeans’. Levii’s Jeans is one of my favourite tracks on the Cowboy Carter album and Beyonce and Post Malone performing together would definitely make the crowd go wild. Some fans online have pointed out that Beyonce has no tour dates or concerts listed in April 2024, which has led to the speculation that the timing might make a lot of sense for her to be a special guest at Stagecoach.

Taylor Swift Stagecoach 2024 Rumor

Outside of Beyonce being listed as a possible guest performer at Stagecoach this year, Taylor Swift is another name that has been floating around online. Fans have also pointed out that Taylor Swift isn’t touring during the Stagecoach dates or in April at all, so her schedule would possibly permit an appearance. Again, this is all alleged so far and nothing has been confirmed by Taylor’s team or Stagecoach.

Taylor Swift Post Malone Stagecoach 2024 Appearance?

Some of Taylor Swifts fans have been saying that perhaps Taylor Swift will be the one joining Post Malone at Stagecoach to perform their song ‘Fortnight’ off her new album “The Tortured Poets Department.”

Either way, the lineup for Stagecoach 2024 is pretty solid and will be sure to be a good time for those in attendance. Stagecoach is one of the biggest country music festivals, taking place in Indio, California on April 26-28th, 2024.

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