Where Do We Go? The Livestream was a wonderfully immersive live experience that fulfilled my desire to see live music again. Using state-of-the-art XR technology, Billie Eilish and her team created an experience unlike any other to bring a unique experience for those watching.

Billie Eilish has always been a visual artist; she is known for incredible music videos and live experiences. This live show allowed her and her team to combine these skills into a multi-dimensional, interactive concert. Using a 60-foot stage, and surrounded by 360 LED screens, Billie was able to transport herself and her fans into surreal, otherworldly visual experiences.

A lot of time and effort was put into the livestream. Billie worked with her live production collaborators Moment Factory, and the show was powered by Maestro interactive streaming platform to ensure a smooth experience. The show featured elements inspired by her live shows as well as never-before-seen elements exclusive to this once-in-a-lifetime online experience.

Before the livestream commenced, fans had the opportunity to browse a VR merch store, much like at a real show. Unlike a real show, however, the VR store allowed visitors to browse much more than just exclusive merch. Fans could also visit a section that encouraged young people to vote, as well as a section dedicated to the artwork which Billie’s fans have created, whether that be drawings or even covers of her songs.

Within the Pre-Show, Billie made an effort to emphasize the importance of her crew in these uncertain times, as live music and the arts are suffering. Her pre-show emphasized the importance of her crew through a video showing how her live show was set-up, the amount of effort and work put into it, and which highlighted how her crew were like her family. Alongside this, the proceeds made from a number of items within her store would also go towards Crew Nation, a charitable fund created to help support the countless crew members affected by events and concert cancellations in 2020. 

After being introduced by Billie’s father Patrick, the Pre-Show featured a number of interactive experiences for fans to take part in. Alicia Keys, Lizzo and Steve Carrell all reiterated the importance of the forthcoming election, and how important it is that young people get out and vote. We also got a sneak peek at Billie’s upcoming documentary with Apple TV, and at her upcoming annual interview with Vanity Fair. In between all of these were also trivia rounds where fans were tested on facts about the artist.

When the show actually started, Billie wasted no time. Opening with ‘bury a friend’, I was immediately gripped by the visuals and intensity of the performance. The show then crashed for me during Billie’s second song, but I managed to get back on to catch ‘my strange addiction’. Before she started this song, Billie brought some of the 500 pre-selected fans at home onto the screen to say thank you to her fans. 

During ‘ocean eyes’ I became so gripped by the visuals. Waves lapped and transformed behind Billie as she gave a stunning rendition. We were then transported to another world for the performance of ‘i love you’, as Billie and Finneas played side by side on a platform in space. Next, we were taken underwater for ‘ilomilo’ which brought the concepts of the music video to life in a unique way.

A highlight of the show was ‘No Time To Die’. We were treated to classic James Bond visuals as the world around Billie changed and expanded. It was also let out that Billie and Finneas were again working on an album which we should hopefully hear more information about soon, perhaps alongside the release of her documentary. 

all the good girls go to hell’ then took the audience to an apocalyptic world with visuals of floods and fires as a comment on the current state of the world. The words “NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET” then appeared on screen as Billie again emphasized how important it was to vote and talked about her own experience with the process.

To end the show, Billie performed her hit ‘bad guy’. This is when the visuals were at their most appealing for me. With the lights off, in the darkness of my home at close to midnight, I finally felt like I was back seeing music live again. The pulsing yellow lights lit my room, and the bass rattled through the TV. Billie and her team really succeeded in immersing me in something which felt real and unique.

As Billie said thank you and the credits rolled, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the experience. The crew behind the show did an incredible job as did Billie, Finneas and Andrew Marshall. 

If you want to find out more about Billie Eilish or any of her upcoming projects, visit her website here

Track List:

  • bury a friend
  • you should see me in a crown
  • my strange addiction
  • Ocean Eyes
  • xanny
  • i love You
  • ilomilo
  • No Time To Die
  • when the party’s over
  • all the good girls go to hell
  • everything i wanted
  • my future