For over 140 years, Birks has been Canada’s jeweller synonymous with high-quality diamonds.

One of the reasons for Birks’ reputation for quality diamonds is their commitment to meticulous grading and certification of the stones. Birks adheres to international gemological standards for grading the 4Cs of diamonds, which include clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight. Birks abides by the Kimberly Process, and their diamonds are conflict-free, a testament to the company’s commitment to responsible sourcing. 

With an unwavering commitment to ethical and responsible sourcing, you can have peace of mind when shopping at Birks for the love of your life. Birks takes care of everything, allowing you to focus on the magic of your love story.

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Ethical and Responsible Mining Practices 

Birks has a strict policy for sourcing diamonds that focuses on ethical and responsible mining practices. The company only sources diamonds from a few select suppliers who follow ethical sourcing standards, including transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain. 

Birks follow the Kimberley Process, which ensures the integrity of the diamond supply chain by preventing the trade of conflict diamonds. Birks sources diamonds only from reputable suppliers who declare compliance with the Kimberley Process. They reserve the right to audit its diamond suppliers to ensure compliance.

First Jewellers to Acquire and Sell Diamonds Mined in Canada

In 1999, Birks initiated a program to provide complete tracking of Canadian diamonds. It has since become one of the first jewellers to acquire and sell diamonds mined in Canada. Birks uses Canadian diamonds in their Nordic Light collection. Birks Canadian diamonds can be requested on any setting mount upon the client’s request. They are guaranteed to have been extracted under strict supervision, following laws that protect the diamond workforce, native people, and the environment. 

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Birks Sustainability Initiative 

Birks is committed to selling conflict-free diamonds, but it also ensures that its gold and other precious metals are responsibly sourced. 

Birks requires its cutters to provide a guarantee of the authenticity of all purchased diamonds. All Birks’ diamond engagement rings come with a certificate to ensure the authenticity of the diamond. 

Birks commitment to ethical sourcing and rigorous quality standards is a testament to the company’s dedication to sustainability, social responsibility, and providing customers with high-quality diamonds. By adhering to international gemological standards, supporting the Kimberley Process, and tracking Canadian diamonds, Birks has set the standard for quality diamonds in Canada for over a century.

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