The news broke out just yesterday, and the reaction was a lot like when the world found out Beyonce was having twins. Breaking news, rather.

Cardi B and Offset are expecting a baby, and the gender may already be confirmed too.

Sister Hennessy Carolina may have been the one to spill the golden beans. If it is true, that Cardi is carrying a baby girl, we’re already sitting on instagram waiting to see baby Cardi’s first outfit. Need we mention that her parents don’t just nail trends, they set them.

If the gender turns out to be accurate, than we know Cardi’s bold and colourful wardrobe will also influence her child’s. Here’s a look at Cardi’s best outfit ensembles, which may inspire her baby wardrobe choices.

Beige Accents and Pairing Multiple Prints

Cute traditional prints in patchwork form would make for a cute baby cardigan.

Fur and Denim

Furs are cozy and would keep a little one all bundled up.

Denim and Pearls

Cardi and Offset won’t forget about the accessories.

Hot Pink

A perfect colour for a stylish baby girl.

Edgy Biker Jacket

Bad ass baby jacket will definitely be in the closet.