HOLR is chatting with Bolsen about his single and new EP GONZO.


Image Credit: Cameron Corrado

23-year-old Vancouver-based hip-hop experimenter Boslen has officially kicked off 2022 by releasing his EP GONZO and lead single “LEVELS.” Check out the music video here!

After completing his Canadian leg of the tour earlier this year, his European segment of the GONZO TOUR is currently postponed for the moment, but be sure to stay tuned for updates!

After releasing his debut album DUSK to DAWN this past Summer which featured collaborations with Tyla Yaweh, Vory, Dro Kenji, Rascalz, and Charmaine, Boslen has been described as “one of Canada’s most exciting hip-hop exports” (HotNewHipHop).

Today, HOLR is chatting with Bolsen about his new EP GONZO, lead single “Levels” and more!


How has your music taste or sound changed since your release of DUSK to DAWN?

I am completely in a new stage of my life. I feel like I have more life experience since then and that will ultimately sway my judgment on decisions in creating songs. Also, I think my taste in music has gotten better. I’ve researched more, worked longer, and devoted more to my craft than ever before.

During DTD I was looking for closure that was never there and very much trying to just find a sound my supporters and I can identify with. Now that I feel more confident in my own shoes I wanna push farther than ever before.

What is the meaning behind your single LEVELS?

You can pull many meanings from a song like LEVELS. There are multiple beat switches and multiple topics I talk about. I wanted the song to be interpreted by the listener and for them to pull what they need from it. Some of the main themes one may tie to that song is empowerment, control of your own destiny, and power.


Are your influences in music still the same or have you been inspired by different artists lately?

My influences will always be the backbone to some degree of my career, but now I want to lead in my own footsteps and carve my own lane. I have been inspired by songwriting more lately. I find that I gravitate more and more towards artists who feel like they are just talking to you and riding the rhythm. Wordplay is something I have been interested in and the saying “What does the simplest version look like?” by Rick Rubin is what I have been standing by.

What are three words that describe your new EP GONZO, and what you are hoping to share with your fans about this project?

Powerful, Timeless, Sharp.

I hope my fans take more knowledge on who Corben is, not Boslen. I wanted it to be a personal experience. I want them to experience the small things in the songs. It is not a long tracklist but each song was hand crafted. The details.


As someone from Vancouver, what can you say has been the most exciting part of your adventure in the music industry?

Starting from 0 and learning as I go to get to where I am now has been one hell of an experience. No one where I'm from has done it like I am too. No one will teach you patience or how to be true to yourself, so learning is something I am still doing but I enjoy it. Vancouver has a chip on its shoulder and the city is growing. I can’t wait for the world to see it.

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