Part of planning your wedding is enjoying the fun activities you get to take part in and the accessories and items you get to use and keep for keepsakes.

We all know how expensive weddings can be and that we should be saving our money for the expensive things – but sometimes you cannot resist the urge! This is such an exciting time of your life, filled with love and memories and you should enjoy every moment, even if that means draining your bank account of MRS necklaces or Wifey tote bags. We have rounded up some of the borderline cheesiest but still adorable and fun novelty items you need for your wedding.

Image Credit: BHLDN

Pearl Jean Jacket

We all know how versatile a jean jacket is, but a jean jacket with pearly patches that spell out MRS? It cannot get much better than this! You will be able to wear this throughout all your wedding events and activities and for the years to come!

Image Credit: Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster Clutch

The Sophia Webster Wifey For Lifey Box Clutch is a cute and chic way to carry all of your essentials while also telling the world of your new special status.

Image Credit: Kate Spade

MRS Earrings

The Kate Spade MRS Earrings are the perfect accessory for a bachelorette party, wedding shower or for your honeymoon.

Image Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond

Miss to MRS Tumbler and Wedding Planner

Kate Spade has tons of fun bridal accessories and items but the Miss to MRS and wedding planner are so cute and match each other.

Image Credit: Amazon

MRS Baseball Hat

Wedding planning can be hectic and stressful and sometimes you do not have time to do simple tasks like doing your hair. This MRS baseball hat is the perfect novelty item to throw on when you are having a busy day of errands or just having a bad hair day!

Image Credit: Davids Bridal

I Do Slippers

The perfect slippers for your bachelorette or to wear on your wedding day while you are getting ready!

Planning your wedding can easily become a stressful time but you should try and enjoy it as much as you can. Purchasing some fun items like this can make everything feel a little better and will make for great keepsakes!

Published by HOLR Magazine.