Vancouver-based hip-hop experimenter, Boslen releases new single “Levels”an exciting preview to his upcoming album, Gonzo.

Boslen New Single “LEVELS” Initiates Upcoming Gonzo Era

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The experimental Alt, hip-hop artist proves to be an unstoppable force in music. After his well-received album DUSK to DAWN, Boslen is determined to keep Vancouver and his name under the spotlight. The 23-year-old artist wastes no time in exploring new forms of music; creating a new era that probes a new side of him. 

In his new single “Levels,” Boslen wanted to challenge himself by “breaking the fourth wall and showcasing how the highs and lows of moving in this industry can affect an artist.” Boslen only emerged as an artist in 2018 after an unfortunate ACL tear that sabotaged his future in rugby. He used music as a form of escape, a way to heal and cope. After dropping out of the University of Victoria in BC, he and his manager worked relentlessly until “Eye for an Eye” garnered the organic success it deserved. Currently, the song has over 1 million views on Youtube and over 8 million streams on Spotify. Later on, he released BLACK LOTUS as a 7-track EP that features an energetic trap and hip-hop sound that was no different from his prior hit. Then he released DUSK to DAWN which was a more cohesive and well-thought-out project. The growth between the two albums was explicitly evident in Boslen’s tone, lyrics, and visuals. It was in this album that we saw him mix R&B, hip-hop, pop and rock— a somewhat unconventional mix of sound that resulted in something powerful and distinct. 

Boslen New Single “LEVELS” Initiates Upcoming Gonzo Era

Photo Credit: Cameron Corrado

His newly released single and upcoming album, Gonzo, explore more of this experimentation with a guarantee to a more promising execution. “Levels,” like his past work, carries a veil of darkness in it. The difference, however, is that this time Boslen evokes more confidence musically and lyrically. It still allows us to appreciate Boslen’s storytelling and songwriting skills but with a more impactful approach. 

For someone who has only done music for a short amount of time, Boslen still manages to produce a new sound every time without losing his essence. If this upward motion continues, then his path is one to watch out for. 

“Levels” is now available to all music streaming platforms. You can listen HERE or visit Boslen’s official website His forthcoming project, Gonzo is due later this year under Chaos Club Digital, Capitol Records, and Universal Music Canada.

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