Bossy Cosmetics has launched an unstoppable collection that will most likely rock your world.

As one of few females, high-power financial executives working on Wall Street, Aisha Dozie was often told she was Bossy. When concerns over her health led to a career pivot, she decided to reclaim the word that was so often used to dismiss her, and turn it into a statement of ambition and power.

Bossy Cosmetics was born from the intersection of her passion for beauty and lipstick, and her purpose for empowering and mentoring women.

When Cindy Gallop, advertising executive and founder of Make Love Not Porn, was tagged in a Twitter thread about naming lipsticks after badass women in the world, she began her hunt for a brand who would help make that happen.

Aisha jumped at the opportunity, and after their first call establishing their shared passion for empowering women, she sent Cindy a few colours that she thought would reflect her drive, ambition, passion, resilience, and “badassery.”

Not long after, the Cindy Gallop is UNSTOPPABLE Lipstick was born.

This colour is brilliant and BOLD red!  It was designed for the woman who “eats no for breakfast!”  It was designed to empower you to know that your dreams are valid and your hopes are possible.

The brilliant orange-red is dedicated to Cindy Gallop who is forever UNSTOPPABLE!

The formulation is vegan, cruelty-free, and made without parabens and sulphates. The long-lasting formula is infused with Watermelon Seed Oil for a complete conditioning and emollient feel while you dazzle!

cindy gallop x bossy cosmetics

It is the perfect lipstick to empower anyone and is suitable for every skin tone out there.

Feel unstoppable and a badass boss with the Bossy x Cindy Gallop lipstick collab.


Published by HOLR Magazine