Selena Gomez launched her beauty line in September of 2020. The line has been coming out with the most popular products on the market ever since. The company has grown successful very quickly as every drop was a hit! So what is it about Rare Beauty that is so unique? Read to learn about the company’s originality and how that plays a big factor in its success while learning about some of the best-selling products!

Selena Gomez for Rare Beauty in 2020

Image Credit: Via Rare Beauty

About Rare Beauty

The name Rare Beauty is inspired by Selena Gomez’s third studio album which is very close to Selena’s heart. The Rare Beauty website voices what the company stands for on its About Us page, “Rare Beauty is breaking down unrealistic standards of perfection. ​This is makeup made to feel good in, without hiding what makes you unique—because Rare Beauty is not about being someone else, but being who you are.” The founder Selena Gomez also notes on the page that she thinks Rare Beauty can be more than a beauty brand—it can make an impact. I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other and just start embracing our own uniqueness.”

Quote by Selena Gomez on Rare Beauty About Us page

Image Credit: Via Rare Beauty About Us Page, Quote by Selena Gomez

From the products’ minimalistic aesthetic, precise formula, a wide variety of shades, and what the company represents, Rare Beauty has a lot to offer its clients, ensuring an exclusive and rare experience as well as results that many other lines cannot amount to. Selena Gomez’s makeup line helps women feel empowered in their own skin and is designed to enhance their natural beauty. The makeup line is sold at Sephora and and is hitting big numbers internationally.

Rare Beauty Holy Grails

These products have revolutionized the makeup market so we’re diving into why these are the brand’s top-sellers, below.

Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation

Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation on

Image Credit: Via Rare Beauty

With 48 shades to choose from and a foundation that promises to never look cakey! You will have your foundation looking like skin with this lightweight yet buildable formula that is smooth, effective, and feels good! 

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Rare Beauty's Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

Image Credit: Via Rare Beauty

A makeup cult classic, this blush always seems to sell out because of how famous it is. The world is loving it as it has been taking over the Tik Tok and Youtube beauty scene, the blush is a viral sensation. The rare and beautiful colours, the extremely long-lasting formula, and the overall dewy effect are all the rave! We recommend you sign up for notifications of the restock.

Kind Words Matte Lip Liner and Lipstick

Rare Beauty's Kind Words Matte Lip Liner and Lipstick

Image Credit: Via Rare Beauty

The ‘Kill them with Kindness’ queen killed it with these Kind Words lip products. From liners and lipsticks, the perfect creamy consistencies that are rich in colour and a long-lasting formula are packed in these little lippies!

To shop the Kind Words Matte Liners and Lipsticks, head over to the fall collection.

Always An Optimist 4-In-1 Mist

Rare Beauty's Always An Optimist 4-In-1 Mist

Image Credit: Via Rare Beauty

This bottle is filled with magic! Many are hesitant on investing in a good setting spray as people don’t believe it will make a difference. Although this may be true with many other setting sprays, people have been loving the effect that this 4-in-1 mist does on a face with makeup. It locks in hydration, adds glow to any glam, and helps makeup stay in place! 

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