Bo+Tee has dropped another collection with 4 key pieces in mind and a whole new fresh colourway. 

The new Spectra collection is launching on May 4th and is made to mix and match. Bo+Tee is a UK-based activewear brand that knows how to make great, comfortable, and stylish attire for your everyday workout. 

The new collection focus on 4 key pieces, the Incline, Change the Game, Circuit and Superset. These 4 pieces are a great way to mix and match your attire based on the workout you are doing, or the outfit you’re trying to create. 

The best part of this new collection may be the mix and match options for style, but the colour is where it gets interesting. The new colourways of peach, pink, blue and grey are all great colours to mix and match too, maybe a little blue with peach, or some pink and grey, to change up your workout. 

The Spectra collection has many inspirations, including the 4 pillars. These pillars are power, focus, consistency and confidence, and each colour represents one pillar. Pink represents power the ability to perform strength-based movements quickly. Peach represents focus, which allows performers to attend to cues and concentrate on success. Grey represents consistency, which shows that you can achieve long-term goals which are more important than short-term gratification. Finally, blue represents self-confidence which allows athletes to achieve goals and thrive in their environment. 

Each garment is made with Bo+Tee high-performance technology. Each iconic piece like the leggings, shorts, racer crop top and sports bra and all made with seamless fabric that is squat proof, moisture-wicking and hugs your body. 

Bo+Tee keep everyone in mind, their squat-proof leggings and shorts have the signature bum sculpting panels that lift glutes and have a high-waisted fit that is super flattering. They also have removable padding in their sports bras and tops for those who need a little extra support. Each garment is available in sizes XXS-XL and is ready for you on the Bo+Tee website. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine