HOLR had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Vancouver-based style icon Nina Huynh (@yourgirlneens) for chats on fashion, tips for content creation, and her new brand “Saturday Mornings Cereal” with Dejan (@dejansdayoff).


Interview by: Ivana Chavez

HOLR: How did you start Vlogging?

N: I started my Youtube channel after high school, and made make up videos that I loved to create but no one was watching. I stopped creating when I got to college because life got in the way but in the fall of 2016 I decided to start up again on a whim and the thrift hauls that I created just took off and the rest is history!

H: What tips do you have for aspiring Bloggers, Youtubers, and Influencers?

N: Be kind to yourself because you won’t have the skills you need right away to produce the type of content you want. BUT, that doesn’t mean you are not capable of acquiring and mastering them. Also keep creating. Consistency will take you very far because it shows a real love for your craft as well as discipline and persistence.

H: How did you and Dejan Meet?

N: We met by chance at a print shop that Dejan was working at and that I was getting my business cards printed at. I’m not going to say it was love at first sight, but as soon as we locked eyes, the whole room moved in slow motion as I was walking towards him.

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“Just follow that car” — San Francisco, Dec 2019

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H: Your idea of a perfect date night?

N: Making our favorite — truffle spaghetti and meatballs. Also watching 90 Day Fiance and Desperate Housewives back to back.

Photographer:  Luca Camaiani, @lucacamaiani.

Photographer:  Luca Camaiani, @lucacamaiani.

H: Tell me about Saturday Mornings Cereal, and what inspired you to start?

Saturday Mornings Cereal is a cereal pop up we started summer of 2018. It’s exactly what it sounds like: we pop up in various locations around Vancouver and serve domestic and imported cereals, either build-your-own-bowl or choose from one of our specially curated custom mixes. The whole thing is Dejan’s brain baby. He dreamt it up in 2010 and it took him eight years to feel ready and supported to actually bring it to fruition. You can check us out at @saturdaymorningscereal if you like.

H: What are your plans for Saturday Morning Cereal in the future?

N: Right now we are focusing on doing pop ups and private events but the goal has always been to open up a restaurant/cafe so that’s next up on our radar.

H: Top 3 Songs on your playlist right now?

N: It’s so hard to narrow it down to three but I listen to September by Earth Wind and Fire every morning, my all time favorite song is Often by Abhi/Dijon and some other current faves are Free Room by Rayvn Lenae and Honesty by Pink Sweat$.

H: Top 3 songs on Dejan’s playlist?

N: Dejan has the best playlists. His top three at the moment are Party Here by Octavian, When You See Love by Dom Kennedy and Gone ‘Til November by Wyclef Jean.

H: Who is your biggest fashion inspiration at the time?

N: Nadia Lee Cohen —  for fashion, creative direction, life. She is an absolute artist and the work that she produces is mind blowing and so unbelievably inspiring. 

H: 3 Must-have outfit pieces for the season?

N: Cheetah bag, Green everything and bucket hats. 

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1 or 2? ???— same same but different!

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Keep up with Nina and Dejan on Instagram — @yourgirlneens & @dejansdayoff and check out Nina’s YouTube Channel here! 

To learn more about Saturday Mornings Cereal, follow the instagram account at @SaturdayMorningsCereal, and on facebook – Saturday Mornings Cereal.


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