Your new go-to brand for cozy essentials!

Meet Marie-Claude Roulier, the owner and chief designer of the fashion brand, Volprivé. Today, HOLR is sitting down to chat with Marie-Claude to discuss her successful brand and how it is reinventing the comfort of lounging and travelling. Keep reading to learn all about Volprivé and why you need to check out their latest cozy must-haves.

As a local and female-led brand, tell us about your journey on founding Volprivé.  

I spent just under 20 years in the Canadian aerospace industry before starting my own company in 2017. While traveling extensively for business, as well as traveling with her 3 daughters, I simply could never find well-designed, stylish, and durable travel accessories. I always felt like the affordable luxury category was a niche sector that was never really occupied. I set out to design such a collection of premium and ever-so-stylish travel essentials, with the goal, combining beautiful design with local production.

What makes Volprivé the perfect cold season essential brand?

We use extra-fine 100% merino wool yarn. And it has so many benefits, one of them being that it adapts to the temperature so well. It keeps you warm, yet lets the humidity out, so it offers the perfect balance without feeling too warm. Plus, its “TOTAL EASY-CARE” treatment allows most products to be machine washed easily for a durable softness.  

With cooler weather fast approaching, talk to us about some of the cozy must-haves we can shop from the brand.  

Our new BÉA unisex one-size toques that can be warned the classic way with the rib folded, or like a beanie, is the perfect practical item to keep you warm and comfortable. Our CHIC shawls are a sure way to stay elegant and stylish while staying warm outside in the Fall or paired with a coat in the very cold months, or simply inside to lounge around. And with our beautiful AVENTURE blankets, we’ve got you covered at home, at the cottage, or on this long road trip to keep you feeling cozy for the cold season! 

How is Volprivé reinventing the comfort of lounging and travelling? 

Our items not only offer unique designs and styles but are also made to be practical in everyday life. Our MÉDITATION unisex adjustable weighted sleep mask fits with the travel pillows, but they are made to be used in everyday lives, either for a long night’s sleep or an afternoon nap. Same with the pillows, yes to travel in planes, trains, or automobiles, but also used for those afternoon naps beside the fireplace. Plus, they come in a reusable dry bag (NUAGE) or the compressive bag (LUNA), which both can be used time and time again when leaving the items at home or the hotel for those urban or outdoor explorations. And the AVENTURE blankets are an at-home or cottage favorite used as a throw.  

What’s next for the brand and where can we shop for Volprivé products?

Volprivé is available online on our Shopify boutique at, but also now available across Canada through the online marketplaces of The Bay, Simons, and Loblaws, and beside our US expansion for 2022, we also plan on introducing a lower-cost line using washable but breathable fabric for a mass retail distribution in gifting stores. Stay tuned!

Published by HOLR Magazine.