Why is Bowling Green Kentucky Bar video trending? HOLR breaks it down.

According to this article, the bowling green Kentucky bar video has shocked internet users. The article goes on to explain that a Kentucky couple has been arrested following an engagement of sexual acts in public that reportedly took place in Bowling Green’s Brew Co. Underground bar.

People who witnessed the acts in person and online- when a subsequent video went viral- were shocked and disgusted by the behavior that took place in public.

The duo were reportedly under the influence of alcohol when these sexual acts took place. The scene contained graphic moments where in which the couple reportedly “proceeded to drop down their pants and engage in inappropriate activities” as noted here.

The couple- Shonda Clark (47) and Steven Brown (49)- were ultimately arrested when police were called to the scene to address the situation unfolding. When police arrived, the two were reportedly found outside screaming because they were “thrown out” of the bar for their behavior.

A video of the pair engaging in sexual acts in the bar was captured by bystanders and has since gone viral online, with many users expressing their disgust.

HOLR will not be linking the video as it contains graphic content.

Published by HOLR Magazine.