As you might know, Ariana Grande and Social House’s music video collab “Boyfriend” came out last week. If you didn’t, good that you’re here. Watch the video here before you read any further.

The music video shows Ariana get smitten by Mikey Foster of the Social House duo (the other member, Charles ‘Scootie’ Anderson is also seen in the video). In turn, there’s a mix of possessive fantasies including some graphic violence.

Following the music video, she published a special behind the scenes to show us how it was all done. And boy, is it entertaining! We see a visibly sleepless Ariana working hard with the crew and Social House to shoot the video and have fun while doing it. At one point, she looks almost delirious even.

“Boyfriend” is trending hot with over 35 million views on YouTube amidst rumours that Ariana and Mikey might be dating. So much for fans to be enthusiastic about, eh?

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