The first trailer for the upcoming television series Dancing Queens, which stars six amateur ballroom dancers who will do anything to pursue their passion for competing in Pro-Am World of Dance events around the nation, was been made exclusively available by E! News.

Colette Marotto, Donie Burch, Galle Benchetrit, Leonie Biggs, Pooja Mehta, and Sabrina Strasser are a group of ballroom dancers who are followed in the series as they devote their time and resources to competing for the top spots in Pro-Am dance competitions.

Pro-Am competitions pair professional partners with amateur dancers. These extremely accomplished amateur dancers shell out tens of thousands of dollars on their clothes, hair, and cosmetics in addition to the costs associated with their professional partners’ travel, practice, and competition costs.

One cast member jokes in the narration that “everyone has a hobby,” while another adds, “But ours costs six figures a year.” Competitor Sabrina Strasser says, “If it takes sounding like a porn star to win, I’m all for it.”

As for Leonie Biggs, she acknowledges that spending thousands of dollars on a sexy performance outfit is “better than buying a wedding dress. I like to be the best at things,” she continues. Don’t talk to me unless you’re first, my father used to say.

Additionally, their mutual drive for dominating the limelight takes precedence over their private lives and families. Check out the trailer bellow

In a press release, it was stated that “From stay-at-home moms to business owners and a finance exec, these women put their lives aside and negotiate time away from their families when it comes to dance. In the ballroom, they maintain their composure, but behind the scenes, the women are willing to sabotage their frenemies in the name of competition, even going as far as poaching pro-partners for a chance to win. These dancers share an obsession with winning, no matter the cost. “
Bravo will air the first episode of Dancing Queens on Tuesday, May 9, at 9:00 p.m.
Published by HOLR Magazine.