Or Redesigning the Fashion industry with Unlabelled’s Natalie Servello

Toronto-Based Fashion Enthusiast Turned Business Owner, Natalie Servello, Is Breaking Down Longstanding Fashion and Beauty Barriers With Unlabelled- A Fashion Brand Dedicated To Empowering Women That Caters To All Body Types.

Natalie Servello sat down with HOLR to discuss her journey to founding Unlabelled, and how she created a nationally recognized brand that fosters a community of women committed to embracing body positivity through inclusive fashion.

Can you give us a little background about who you are how you got into the fashion industry?

My name is Natalie Servello and I am 24 years old. Fashion has always been a huge part of my life- ever since I was young. I loved dressing up and drawing designs because it was a personal escape for me that kept my mind occupied. In a way, I really took my passion for fashion and grew with it. As I got older, I ended up pushing my love of fashion aside and went to business school. I quickly realized this wasn’t the path I was meant to take so I decided to switch directions and apply to the fashion program at Ryerson University. When I got the call that I was accepted into the program I knew this was where I was supposed to be and this was how I was going to pursue my dream.

How did the idea of Unlabelled come to you?

Believe it or not, I actually knew what Unlabelled was before the idea came to fruition. When I applied to Ryerson I wrote a thesis on creating change within the fashion industry and how beauty standards affect our interactions on social media. I knew I wanted to speak out about topics such as normalizing all body types and the objectification of women through fashion because these were conversations that needed to be had. After writing my thesis, I realized I could turn these notions into an inclusive brand and represent the beauty of different body types, ethnicities and sexualities – essentially everything that is not as heavily recognized or celebrated in the fashion industry as it should be.  

How is Unlabelled different from other brands?

What sets Unlabelled apart is its authenticity and its message. This brand is truly who I am because it came to life from my own experiences and it has grown into an amazing community of women who support one another and celebrate their bodies through fashion and feeling confident in themselves. I wanted the message of Unlabelled to be clear in its marketing so people know it is an inclusive brand through our beautiful models and their unique body types and ethnicities.

What can we expect when we go online to shopunlabelled.com?

I designed the site myself. I really wanted to convey a sense of community and showcase that our brand is for everyone. I’m super passionate about my brand and I wanted the website to be an experience and not just a place to shop. I wanted my users to see themselves in Unlabelled by having models of all shapes and sizes model the clothing so no matter what your body type is you can feel beautiful, sexy and confident in Unlabelled.

Finally- can you give us a hint of what’s to come? What does the future of Unlabelled look like?

The future of Unlabelled is so bright. My dream is to turn the brand into a non-profit that focuses on youth counselling and development and helps young women because I am a huge advocate of mental health. I am also in the beginning stages of launching a new collection that highlights how all women can wear the same thing by having different women model the same pieces of clothing. I want everyone to feel confident in their own body and I love how our size range is inclusive of this, with this new collection ranging from XS to 3X.  Ultimately, I want the future of Unlabelled to look like a network of women who are strong, empowered and trailblazing. When people shop Unlabelled I want them to see a brand that they can be apart of- a brand that truly values authenticity and being yourself. 

At Unlabelled there are no labels. Check out shopunlabelled.com for the latest trends. Unlabelled is also committed to creating environmentally friendly packaging so you can shop confidently knowing that all tags, wrapping and accessories to the packaging have been developed using recycled products.