Emma Stone has been a fan favourite since Superbad and Easy A, yet as she got older, won an Oscar and become a mom, she is still funny girl number one in our hearts. The likes of Emma Stone are simple, she is funny, and a gorgeous redhead, yet what is so simple and amazing about her is her effortless yet beautiful style. 


Emma Stone is a simple girl, she puts her effort into making comfort films, showing how much she cares for people, and doing the thing she loves most, just being human. Emma is known to be a funny girl, from her Superbad role to Easy A and even her humour in The Favourite and La La Land, she takes care of her audience and she does the same in her everyday life. 

Emma is classy, on a red carpet she wears elegant gowns that don’t push the boundaries too much, yet they aren’t something that we absolutely hate. In her street style, or her everyday attire Emma wears what works for her body type, her schedule and her comfort level. 

Emma isn’t seen too much, in the past she was seen a lot when she lived in New York and was dating Spider-Man Andrew Garfield. During her mid-late 20s, Emma kept her look iconic, her classic bangs and sunglasses to hide away from the photographers, and something simple like a jean, a sneaker and a vintage t-shirt. 


Emma’s look is all about comfort, who can blame her when being an actress is all about crazy costumes and a ton of makeup. 

Most of Emma’s looks revolve around good jeans, and the rest is up to the weather. During her New York days going around and about with boo Andrew Garfield, Emma wore the classic skinny jean, a ballerina slipper and surprisingly enough the classic 2010s look of a striped shirt and a blazer. A look like that was common during those years, it was what many called elevated casual, you know before tracksuit and gym wear became acceptable. 

Athleisure is not something that was common during those days but also isn’t something anyone has seen Emma wear, Emma was proper and knew to wear outfits that could work in any situation. 


During the pandemic and after her La La Land Oscar win, Emma took a much-needed break, she not only took a break but she got married and became a mother for the first time. In 2020, like many celebrities and normal humans alike, many people went on daily walks, and Emma’s maternity looks were amazing. 

Emma suited the pregnant look, and her New York walks alongside her husband were the most fashionable she has ever been. 

The first spotting was Emma very pregnant, wearing a white baseball cap, matching long sleeve top and a tan pair of overalls and Birkenstocks, a look so cute, yet still stylish and comfortable. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine