Gold jewelry and big clips are back in style, but finding the perfect ones, at the perfect price is hard. Luckily Toronto based brand Triviso collection makes elegant gold jewelry, clips, and face masks with the quality of big brands, but not the prices.   

Everyone loves pieces that add that little bit of elegance to every outfit, whether it’s going out in a dress and some heels, or a cozy day in with a coffee and some loungewear. Triviso collection has both minimalistic and detailed gold jewelry pieces that speak to everyone’s style. 

Rachel Claw Clip ($20): 

Taylor Swift once said “I come back stronger than a 90’s Trend” well Triviso is bringing back big clips like the ’90s and the best part, they’re perfect for thicker and longer hair and are ready to hold anything while staying in style. This 10.5cm clip is made of cellulose acetate, for a more eco-friendly hold to any hair type, and comes in 3 shades, light, medium, or dark… why not get all three? 

Audrey Ring ($30): 

Stacked rings are every hand’s accent dream, but with the Audrey ring you can get the stacked ring all wrapped up in one (less hassle). This 18K gold-dipped ring is made to last and tarnish-free. The dome shape brings elegance yet nothing too clashy, pair it with other golds, or alone, it will always stand out as the perfect shape. 

Camille Hoop ($29): 

A gold hoop is very 90’s, and we aren’t complaining. These Camille hoops are the perfect twist to your accessory box, even though you may never take them off. These too are 18K gold dipped and are inspired by vintage twist jewelry. 

Face Mask Set ($29): 

Who said staying safe can’t be a fashion statement. Triviso’s 3 pack face masks come in 2 sets of colours, neutral and earth tones. Both to style your minimalist outfits, and a way to make wearing a mask a bit more fashionable. These double-layered cotton masks are comfortable and breathable, you can even step up your game by pairing it with the Figaro gold face chain ($30.33). 

All this gold, and every outfit to piece it with, it’d be hard to choose just one, but hey Toronto made affordable prices, how could you not say no to the Triviso collection.