When you take on the road, other drivers and things on the road should not be your only concern. There are many other things that factor into how your journey from point A to point B can be affected. Anything that is dangerous behind the wheel of a car is ten times more dangerous behind motorcycle handlebars. Here are a few ways you can stay safe if you drive a motorcycle. 

Wear Protective Gear

Always wear a helmet that covers the face, gloves, a leather jacket, and leather pants and boots. If you hate the idea of wearing all that in the heat of the summer, then just imagine what it would be like for your skin to meet with the road if you were to fall off—-that tends to inspire proper fashion choices when riding. 

If you are involved in an accident, especially in the Missouri area, it’s important for you to be protected physically and legally, as your injuries could severely affect the quality of your life afterward. If you need a motorcycle attorney in St Louis, then look no further. Hiring a lawyer will ensure that the right person is held accountable and that you are compensated fairly. 

Take a Driving Course

Driving a motorcycle requires a different set of skills than driving a car does. Regardless of how long you’ve been driving, it would highly benefit you to learn a few defensive driving tips. There are certain dos and don’ts that could save you a detrimental mistake. 

Properly Maintenance Your Bike

Before every ride, always check your tire pressure and listen to your bike as you start it. That way, if something is off, you’ll know to take it easy and drive slowly until you can get it to a mechanic’s shop. Committing to your bike’s proper maintenance is crucial in keeping you safe on the road. Always give your bike a lookover before riding it, and avoid traveling at high speeds if you notice something is off. 

Check the Weather Before Riding

Always check to see if the weather could turn bad during your journey. If you think it might, then make sure you wear bright, reflective gear. If you can avoid driving in bad weather, then that would be for the best. Since this is not always an option, remember to drive at least 10-20mph below the speed limit. 

Adhere to Traffic Laws

In spite of how you feel about them, adhering to the traffic laws is one of the best ways you can avoid an accident. One of the things people tend to neglect about those laws is that they’re there for your protection. Always stay updated on the motorcycle laws in your state, and familiarize yourself with other state laws if you’re traveling outside your own. 

Stay Visible

The more visible you are, the better. It’s best if you can wear a reflective orange construction vest, or at least something with reflective strips on it. Another way you should try to stay visible is by staying out of drivers’ blind spots. This might be a bit of a hassle, especially with how you should also minimize lane switches. Nevertheless, always make sure you’re in a position where other drivers can see you. 

Maintain a Safe Distance

Always stay at least two car lengths behind the vehicle in front of you. If the driver traveling ahead of you slams on brakes, then the extra distance you put between yourself and the driver could literally save your life. Also, in the rare case that the driver throws something out of the window, the space will allow you to safely move around something that falls in your path. 

Check Your Blind Spot

Yes, utilize those mirrors as often as necessary, but don’t forget to turn your head to check your blindspot. Keep your eyes forward around curves and while traveling at high speeds, but slow down and always turn to fully check your blind spot before changing lanes. There are some things you just cannot see from your mirrors alone. 

Eyes on the Road

No matter what—-keep your eyes focused on the road! Texting while driving is absolutely the most dangerous thing you can do while driving and comes with serious fines if caught by an officer. And though you will certainly run into distractions, never forget that most wrecks happen in the blink of an eye during a lapse of focus. 

These are the most surefire methods to avoiding the most common possibilities for accidents while driving a motorcycle. If you take care of your bike, wear the right gear, mind the laws and keep safety first, then you should have no incidents.