Earlier this year, BritBox Canada became the home of the most comprehensive collection of Agatha Christie adaptations, and to celebrate their summer releases and upcoming titles we’re excited to share a fun highlight reel to showcase these great titles, which can be found here.

Agatha Christie is history’s most published author, and BritBox has released a number of Agatha Christie titles over the summer, including Agatha Christie’s MarpleAgatha Christie’s PoirotAgatha Christie’s Why Didn’t They Ask EvansMiss MarpleAgatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Radio Play)Agatha Christie’s The Secret Adversaryand Agatha Christie’s Seven Dials Mystery.

There is more iconic Agatha Christie mystery to come, including the completely remastered version of Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime, premiering on September 22, and more titles to come throughout the rest of the year, stay tuned!

If you’re unfamiliar, BritBox is the streaming service from BBC Studios and ITV offering the biggest collection of British TV in North America