Brooklyn Beckham Currently Facing Internet Trolls After News Of His Career Change Dropped

Brooklyn Beckham-son of David Beckham has been facing some backlash from the internet after revealing his new career endeavours.

Beckham has shared his love for the culinary profession for over a year now. He has taken to Instagram to post some cooking tutorials to working on his own show, ‘Cookin’ with Brooklyn’. The celeb has even done a segment with Vogue on Youtube by cooking for his wife, Nicole Peltz, which currently has 5 million views.

In the video, he goes on to explain where his love for cooking stemmed from. He explains, “I started cooking through quarantine. It was something that I did every day, had a glass of wine, cooked for my fiance.”

Brooklyn Beckham The Fashion Stylist

Brooklyn Beckham and his wife, Nicole Peltz took part in a TikTok video on Vogue where Brooklyn is breaking down his wife’s outfit, going into detail about the different pieces she was wearing. In the TikTok video, it seems like Brooklyn really knows what he’s talking about, almost as if he is passionate about fashion/styling.


You could say that @brooklynbeckham loves @nicolapeltzbeckham’s style. Like, really loves it. As seen on the latest episode of #vogue7days7looks

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@voguemagazine: You could say that @brooklynbeckham loves @nicolapeltzbeckham’s style. Like, really loves it.

Of course, the internet got its hands on this TikTok and shared some bittersweet comments on the two.

There were a lot of sweet comments left on the video like,

Is this Brooklyn Beckham… the Brooklyn Beckham, chef, photographer, stylist extraordinaire ?”  and Brooklyn Beckham in his stylist era purr new career skin unlocked” 

But even amidst all the sweet comments, there were some negative ones left as well.

Dude is cosplaying a different career every other week ?” and “Photographer. Chef. Stylist. Wow…so many careers. So many icks.


After reviewing all the backlash, it’s safe to say fans are on the fence about this new possible career path for Brooklyn.

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