Different age groups, especially students, experience a high rate of gun violence around them. The impact of gun violence is more pervasive and affects entire communities, families, and children. The situation that has arisen is critical, complex, and needs a multifaceted solution. Ensuring proper guidance and support to students can make their lives better and stop gun violence. 


Each year, a huge number of students die because of guns and violence. This happens all around the world, especially in the USA. Over the past few years, gun violence has risen to the forefront of public consciousness. If there were better gun control laws, the situation may have been different. Many schools began documenting episodes of gun firing on school grounds in 2013 to gain a better understanding of how often teens are affected by gun violence at their schools and in response to a lack of research and data on the issue.

Therefore, it is a need for all of us to come together and save these lives. We need to prepare our youth and stay by their sides. This may decrease the chances of gun violence to a great extent. Lately students were often asked to writeessays about gun control to bring more awareness to this issue. For instance, various free essays about gun control are available to them to get some insightful ideas on the topic. 

Apart from not hurting themselves in a pressure condition, students should not affect the lives of others around them. So we will discuss various factors that relate to gun violence. 

Statistics about such deaths

Each year, over 3 thousand teens, including students, die because of gun violence. These teens belong to the age groups 0 to 19, which is very bad. Apart from these deaths, numerous students face shooting or the young teens shoot themselves. For instance, over 3 million children witness shootings from criminals. 

Moreover, it is necessary to mention that most of these deaths occur as a result of homicides. For example, over 1900 deaths occurring per year constitute homicides. Thus, it becomes vital to teach and guide the teen for a better future. 

In that case, 85 percent of these homicide deaths occur in homes. That indicates the pressure situations that exist. Thus, it indeed is vital to prepare our youth for different challenges in life. This may help save thousands of lives each year around the globe. 


Gun control to save lives

It is clear that deaths caused by firearms and guns are the main death cause among students. Either the teens shoot themselves or experience some shooting incident around them. 

Gun violence effect is already taking the lives of numerous students from age groups 15 to 23. It leaves a lifelong impact on the teens who experience shooting around their places. Beyond issues, the risk and basic factors of gun violence a general wellbeing approach additionally involves building a prevention infrastructure with mechanisms for extent, viability, and ability.

Impact of gun violence on the students

  • General harm to the students. Witnessing a shooting around can leave a broad range of impacts on students. Students often resort to drug abuse and alcohol if they face violence around. So, we need to develop proper social instruction to overcome these. 
  • Many of them become depressed, develop post-traumatic disorder, anxiety, and become violent and aggressive. It makes it difficult for the students to excel in their school life. Thus, it becomes our responsibility to educate the students on these issues. 
  • Moreover, it directly erodes the physical health of students. They become ill often, which impacts their day-to-day activities. This is because overcoming the gun violence effect could be harder for the teen. 

What can be done

It is vital to save the life of millions of students and teens around us. The first and foremost action that will work is the proper gun control laws. No guns mean no death, as it’s not normal when almost everyone could easily buy a gun. There should be proper laws governing the sale and import of arms in the US and other countries. Moreover, proper social instruction can help as well. At the same time, we need to guide and educate our youth in a different set of life conditions.