There is no place like home; it is where we feel comfortable and safe. No matter where you live, however, there are many hazards that you need to be aware of. Your roof may fall off, a fire may break out, and a natural disaster can otherwise damage your home and put you at risk. Making sure the infrastructure and groundwork are solid helps you feel more secure. However, the average layman won’t know where to look or search for the areas in their house that need repairs or maintenance. To help you out and make your life easier, we created a checklist that you can use for guidance. Here’s how to make sure your home is safe.

Lock and Security System

No matter how safe your neighborhood is, your doors and windows must be properly secured. Check the locks for any damage or rust and assess whether they need maintenance or changed entirely. If you have a garage, lock it after you park your car because most criminals get into houses through it. 


A home security system allows you to sleep well at night because you know that an alarm will trigger and wake everyone up if anyone tries to enter. You can customize the system according to your needs and put it near the vulnerable entrances. It is easy to install and activate and won’t cost you a fortune. 

Fire Sources

Fires are a serious issue that can cause the death of everyone in the household. Usually, fires occur when you are sleeping because you can’t smell the smoke. To ensure that you won’t be turned into ashes, you have to switch off every source that can start a fire before you go to sleep or exit the house. To make the search easier and more efficient, search for a home safety checklist online, or ask an inspection company to send you one. If you cannot do it yourself, hire a professional to inspect the place. Consider installing a smoke alarm; you can purchase it from any hardware store. 


The alarms must be away from your kitchen or bathroom because showers and cooking may cause false alarms. To ensure they will work properly for a long time, avoid painting them, remove the dust once per month, and change the batteries when needed.  While you are inspecting the place, fix any power outlet that can start a fire.

HVAC System

The HVAC system is one of the major ones at home. A thorough inspection is a must because you may suffer from poor airflow, improper ventilation,  and extremely hot or cold temperatures if it is not working properly. Not only that, but it may also be a source of gas leaks that can be lethal. It’s imperative to ensure the system is receiving enough voltage, the units are properly installed, and the ducts are sealed. Other aspects to consider while assessing the system are whether the blower is functioning and proper drainage.

Roof Integrity

It is undeniable that the roof’s integrity is crucial because, without it, the home’s safety will be compromised. You need to check the shingles for cracks, bruises, or lines of demarcation. If ponds of water are found on the roof, it means that the drainage is not properly installed. 


After some time, no matter how durable and water-resistant the roof’s material is, the water may reach your attic. Moisture accumulation is bad for your health because it leads to mold growth, which causes allergies. It will be a hassle to get rid of the mold, especially if it forms colonies. If you find any of those issues, you will have to fix them immediately because the longer you wait, the more damage will occur. 


Ensuring the foundation of your home is devoid of any problems is crucial. You can check its integrity by walking the exterior and the interior of the place and looking for areas that bulge or look uneven. The level of the floor and the walls should be the same and flushing together. 


Consider looking for any cracks in the concrete, and if there is long-standing water that has ruined the foundation. If you find a crack, you should assess whether it is growing or not by applying waterproofing paint. If it remains intact, you are on the safe side. However, if it grows, this means that immediate attention is necessary. 

Our homes should be the safest place on Earth. It is blissful to sleep at night, knowing that your family is not in danger. It is important to inspect the roof and foundation to keep the place safe for the longest time possible. When in doubt, hire professional inspectors to get a more detailed report or use the checklist above to perform a self-inspection.