The Call Her Daddy podcast host is seemingly engaged!

Is Alexandra Cooper engaged? According to this article, she reportedly is!

Call Her Daddy Podcast

Cooper posted a cryptic TikTok video about addressing something on April 25 during a new Call Her Daddy podcast episode. Check it out below:


Solo Episode 4/25

♬ original sound – Alexandra Cooper

She notes that she has been keeping something from her audience for “a while now” and that she’s finally “ready to talk about it.”

Alexandra Cooper Boyfriend

Fans think Cooper is going to announce her alleged engagement to Hollywood producer, Matt Kaplan on the upcoming Call Her Daddy episode. Although the pair have never been photographed together in public, the duo are reportedly getting hitched.

matt kaplan

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Although Cooper hasn’t hinted at a recent engagement, fans have also left their comments under her TikTok video about what else the news could possibly be about. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see to find out!

call her daddy

Image Credit: @fathercooper TikTok

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