Alex Hall has responded to Brittany Snow’s claims made on the Call Her Daddy podcast. HOLR breaks down the alleged shade.

Tyler Stanaland- Brittany Snow’s ex- and Alex Hall, both of whom star in Netflix’s Selling the OC, are trending this week after Snow took to the Call Her Daddy podcast to spill the tea on her divorce from Stanaland.

Brittany Snow Husband

According to this TikTok video posted by user @positivelyuncensored Snow talked to host Alex Cooper about her divorce and what allegedly led to it, claiming that what the audience was speculating happened, allegedly happened.

Tyler Stanaland, Alex Hall

This caused fans to allege that Snow was hinting at cheating claims since Stanaland and Hall were super flirty on Selling the OC, having been filmed kissing at the end of Season 2 following Stanaland’s divorce announcement.

Hall has now taken to social media to seemingly shade the latest podcast interview by posting the below:


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“Imagine talking sh*t about me in your ugly town with your stinky friend and I’m just here having breakfast in Lake Como before heading to my massage” read the caption on her latest post.

Alex Hall and Tyler

Fans think Hall is shading Snow’s newest podcast episode with Cooper where she talks about her divorce, alluding to cheating rumors that were speculated.

Stanaland also took to social media to share this message about the latest claims, denying cheating rumors and alleging that he was never “unfaithful” in his marriage to Snow.

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