COVID-19 has grounded thousands of flights in Canada and around the world, and Air Transat has reached an aid settlement with the Canadian government to payback clients.

Now Air Transat and the Canadian government have come to a $700 million aid deal that will help the airline payback each cancelled flight, which was done the same for Air Canada.

This comes as a relief to flyers who bought these tickets but gives them no hope to travel anytime soon as many countries are not accepting flights and travel is at a high restriction.

Skies Magazine

As it is very unlikely, this settlement gave these airlines the opportunity to fully refund tickets including other fees and taxes, something that wouldn’t naturally happen under other circumstances.

For clients wanting to claim their refund need to do it through the website.   For the eligible flights for refund had to have been made before April 29, 2021 and departed after February 1st, 2020.