Madonna Has Been Released From The Hospital After Serious Bacterial Infection

Madonna is back home after hospitalization for a bacterial infection

Madonna partying in a black lace top and black satin jacket. she has red hair pushed back by a black satin headband and  is wearing black sunglasses with purple lenses

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Last night it was announced by Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, that the Queen of pop had been hospitalized due to a “serious bacterial infection”. Though we, the public, have known about this for less than twenty four hours; Madonna had been in the hospital for several days fighting this infection. Now, a source close to pop star has spoken out saying she “has been discharged from the hospital and was transferred to her New York City home via private ambulance.”

According to this source, Madonna had been struggling with a low-grade fever and had chosen not to report her symptoms for an entire month until finally “her body could no longer take it”. They revealed that her doctors determined her unreported symptoms are what ultimately led to her need for hospitalization. Apparently, Madonna prioritized rehearsing for her upcoming ‘Celebration tour’ which has now been postponed indefinitely.

This same source also confirmed the rumors that Madonna had collapsed and was discovered unconscious and unresponsive leading up to her hospitalization. Despite the seriousness of her infection Guy Oseary said in his instagram post “she is expected to make a full recovery” and another added that “she is in the clear”. Still, other sources revealed that “the infection is more serious than is being let on” and “right now it’s still a waiting game”.

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