Looking for the perfect hydrating gloss or high-pigment matte finish lipstick? Not sure whether your skin is fair, medium or dark and what shade suits you best? Our nifty lipstick guide has all the answers as we help you find the perfect shade for all occasions.

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Whether you love femme fatale red lipstick, subtle gentle nudes or fashion forward neons, we have the best lipstick colour for you. There’s a perfect shade for every person, every event and every mood.

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Choosing the perfect lipstick shade for your undertone

The key to finding that ride or die lipstick is all about knowing your skin’s undertone. Here are a few easy ways to determine which one you have:

Cool Undertones: You can tell your undertone is cool if the veins in your wrist look blue, you suit silver jewellery over gold, and you tend to spend little time in the sun. For this skin tone, lip colors with blue or plum-shaded undertones will compliment your face leaving it looking its best.

Warm Undertones: Those with warm undertones usually enjoy a golden, olive hue to their skin. If the veins in your wrist look green and you prefer to wear gold jewellery as it’s more complimentary to your skin tone, we suggest you opt for lip colours in warm shades such as red or orange.

Neutral Undertones: The great news for those that have neutral undertones in their complexion is that you can indulge in a variety of lip shades all of which will suit you. Those that fall into the neutral category look good in both silver and gold jewellery which opens the door to most lip colours.


Here’s which shade suits which complexion:

Fair Skin: When it comes to lighter skin tones, colours such as apricot, red and coral will look flattering. It will help to add warmth to your complexion so you can enjoy a softer, sun-kissed look.  For a pure, classic look on porcelain skin, try a warm shade.

Medium Skin: For those with medium skin tones you can indulge in a wide range of flattering shades and the great news is that you can carry off almost any colour.  Why not explore everything from warm brown shades to peachy corals.

Dark SkinDeep plums, warm berries and striking reds are ideal for highlighting dark skin tones. Make a bold statement and choose from designs enriched with marine crista for a smooth finish that glides on effortlessly.

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How to pair your lipstick with bright colour clothes and monochrome basics: 

Feeling the Blues: When it comes to wearing blue why not team it up with a coral lipstick? The contrast of the strong shade teamed with the feminine peachy shade will add depth to your outfit and enhance your facial features.

Paint the town RedProceed with caution when it comes to teaming red lip colors with red dresses but feel confident knowing that a vibrant hue will compliment your bold choice in outfit if the red undertones are similar. Look to have your dress match your lip colour fairly closely to ensure all the undertones work harmoniously.

Dare to go Nude: With nude garments it allows for a bit more flexibility. You’re welcome to go for a bold red lipstick that has deep berry undertones. This way your statement bold lip choice remains sophisticated, adding a bit of depth to your ensemble.

A Little Black Number: If you’re stuck for choice when deciding which lipstick shade will work best to accessorize your little black dress why not opt for a vibrant, amped-up lipstick? This will give a punchy bout of confidence and makes a bold statement.

Lipstick is always a fun product to play around with depending on your skin tone, as well as your outfit! Determine what your colours are, slap that lipstick on, and leave your house feeling fresh and confident.

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