This year’s New York Fashion Week was a gracious reminder that it is not merely an opportunity to celebrate fashion this week, but an opportunity to celebrate makeup as well. Rihanna being the centre of attention on September 7th, launched her debut makeup line Fenty Beauty with 40 new foundation shades for anyone and everyone. Rihanna has done it again. She has set herself as the mark of a new trend: inclusivity. No matter how fair your skin is, and no matter how deep your skin is, there is a foundation in your shade— and it’s prolong wear and sweat resistant.

At the Fenty Beauty Launch, Rihanna appeared as if she was stolen from a pot of gold. During one of her interviews, she stood along the dark velvety carpet in her golden Oscar de la Renta ensemble,  that only complimented her notable golden shimmery highlight, TROPHY WIFE. She welcomed fans, youtubers, makeup artists, friends, and family to the launch held at a Warehouse in the Navy Yards, located in Brooklyn New York. It was a perfect night of makeup during New York’s Fashion Week.

Rihanna vanquished a common issue with makeup and beauty today. Many of us, no matter what shade we are, often struggle and have to try a little harder just to find the right shade for our skin.

“I want women all over the world to feel great,” Rihanna says, “We are women and we all have challenges. We deserve to feel beautiful, and I want women of all shades, all races, all cultures to be apart of this. I want ALL women to take part in this.”

The entire cruelty-free makeup collection is compiled of 40 different foundation shades, 10 different Shimmer Match Sticks, 20 different Matte Match Sticks, and 4 different Match Sticks Trio’s, which conceal, contour and highlight. Not to mention Rihanna’s Glass Bomb, which is her universal rose gold lip gloss. She also included a primer, blotting powder and paper, 5 different brushes and her own precision makeup sponge. They’re selling fast, especially the deeper shades. While I tried to grab my own shade of foundation, a Sephora employee notified me that all the deep foundation shades were sold out, and encouraged me to get mine online before it sells out there as well.

Fenty Beauty will be the topic in many conversations this week, as artists all over who managed to grab what they could, will be testing and reviewing each and everyone of these products. All of which will be sold either online directly through the website, or at Sephora, and also at the Harvey Nichols stores in Ireland and the U.K.

All there is left to ask is, how will you show your Fenty Beauty?