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With so many chronic illnesses and much lower life expectancy, wouldn’t it be great to have your favourite exercise regime in your hand? You can always have a quick sweat session without paying a membership. Although self-motivation is key it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Well, this is where fitness apps come in.

A fitness app is an application that is designed to keep you fit and healthy. There are so many fitness apps to choose from in the app store. We recommend trying out a couple until you find the one that works for you. Workout apps are slowly taking out gyms. They are cheap, and some are free, not to mention how convenient and comprehensive they are. They’ve been shaping our bodies, and their popularity continues to grow. 

This brings us to the next question. Could our smartwatches and smartphones help us stay fit? The answer to this question is ‘yes’ because they’ve made health monitoring easy. They allow us to track our health and fitness anywhere at any time. These apps also guide how to do specific workouts on our mobile devices. Talk about convenience. 

There’s an app for anything, whether you like boxing,  meditation, a simple bodyweight HIT exercise or marathon running. Another great thing about these apps is that you can access them without leaving your home, just like an online casino in canada enables players access to a multitude of games via their phones. These apps also come with consolidated sleep,  fitness tracking and nutrition systems. These all-in-one fitness and help tools are a must-have for anyone wanting to stay fit.

Advantages of Using a Fitness App

One advantage we realised with using a fitness app is motivation. Notifications from the fitness app remind you of how you’re doing with your health goals and will push you to keep up the good work. The app allows you to enter information such as your starting weight and calorie intake to monitor your weight. 

Fitness apps are great If you’re busy or have no time but are looking for cost-effective and sustainable ways to exercise. They’ve high-quality personal training and custom programs all in your pocket. 

There’s a wide variety of apps, so you can always choose the one that best suits you. With so many available apps, these apps have revolutionised how we can stay healthy and active. 

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The all-in-one tool that most apps use helps us monitor all aspects of our bodies without using different gadgets. You can connect your Smartwatch and smart scale to your fitness watch, and all information will be saved to your phone. The information becomes easily accessible when you need it as well. 

You can look at these apps as a way of getting free health and fitness tips. Most of these apps come with amazing guidelines which help you meet your health goals.

Disadvantages of Using a Fitness App

Fitness apps can drain the battery on your smartphone. They usually run in the background, which could cut down your smartphone’s battery life. 

High-tech fitness apps are usually expensive because they offer more.

For someone who isn’t highly motivated, a fitness app could simply turn into another app draining their smartphone’s battery.

Some of the apps aren’t 100% accurate. Some apps use estimations to give you results, especially pedometers which do step count. This means you can’t entirely rely on these apps. 

The Verdict 

With more people taking up remote jobs, these fitness apps have also merged into the remote way of doing things. Some fitness apps such as Google fit,  Samsung health, the Fitbit app, and Strava come highly rated, and all have ratings of over four stars in the app store.

If you’re looking to get healthier but don’t have a starting point, we recommend downloading an app to track your steps,  provide a personal training program,  monitor your diet and progress, and keep you motivated. Turn your smartphone into a gym.

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