Fashion might not be the biggest surprise at this year’s Oscars, but unlike the award ceremony, many celebrities dressed to impress and we have the list of our favourites from the award show itself all the way to the Vanity Fair after-party. 

Each year we know the Oscars truly leave a lot of us disappointed, people win awards that you thought should’ve gone to someone else, while others just wear the most perfect outfit and it’s not even their night, it’s a bunch of beautiful chaos but every year it’s our favourite night!

This year has been the first in about 2 years where everyone and I mean everyone was invited, except Rachel Zeglar of course she only got invited a few days before. We finally got to experience a full red carpet and a full list of presenters which means the list was endless when it came to best dressed.  

Of course, the Oscar is well known for being a black-tie event, meaning the men and women are supposed to come in their best dressed, mostly tuxedos for men and evening gowns for women, but many really did things differently we have to say we really love it. 

The Cut

Someone who always shocks us is no other than Timothee Chalamet, this beautiful boy has always shown up to the Oscar in something that was unique to his styling and definitely not to be pulled off by anyone but himself. This year, Timothee was in a few films and his Oscar-nominated film Dune was the reason for his presence at this year’s show. Timothee swooned everyone when the 5’10 floppy hair boy showed up in a Louis Vuitton cropped sparkly jacket, black tux trousers and no shirt, yes I said it, no shirt. At one of the most formal events of the year and Timothee decided to make the jacket the true star of his torso, and boy did everyone love it. 


Not to play favourites but Timothees Dune co-star Zendaya is next up on our list. Although they were both not nominated themselves, Timothee and Zendaya always know how to show up to a carpet and Zendaya truly shinned. Wearing Valentino Zendaya wore a cropped silky white dress shirt, with a silver sequin skirt. Zendaya is always someone who knows how to wear the most perfect look at the perfect time. Coming off her press tour for Spider-Man, and her 2nd season premiere of Euphoria, Zendaya has had an eye on her for the past few months, and with every look, she gets better and better. 


Speaking of Spider-Man, No-Way Home co-star Andrew Garfield is one of the lucky ones on our list who was actually nominated for an Oscar. Andrew has been on another hot streak this year is nominated in the best actor category for his role as Johnathan Larson in Tick, Tick, Boom. Garfield has been in 3 films this year and all 3 have had their chance at an Oscar, he also played alongside newly Oscar-winning actress Jessica Chastain in the film The Eyes of Tammy Fae. Andrew has been known to keep his wardrobe classy with a little bit of flair. At the Oscar luncheon, he wore a striped double-breasted suit, and we predicted he would wear white to the ceremony, but we were wrong. Andrew took a darker route but one that was gorgeous. Andrew wore a head-to-toe Saint Laurent, sporting a burgundy velvet double-breasted blazer, with a black tux shirt, opting for a necktie look instead of the traditional bowtie. Andrew’s look truly made him look both dapper, but also one of the best and most fashionable on the carpet this night. 


As for the award show part, these may have been the best looks, but someone truly stole the show at the Vanity Fair after-party, and it was no other than Dakota Johnson. Dakota was a part of a long run of films this year as well and was a huge part of Maggie Gyhenhalls The Lost Daughter which was nominated for an adapted screenplay. Dakota who has been on red carpets since she was a little girl has developed quite a look in these last few years and truly never misses. Her relationship with Alessandro Michele the creative director of Gucci is iconic and he has always dressed her in the best looks including this long-sleeved, peaked shoulder, pink feathered gown. Johnson stole the show and truly caused an uproar on the Vanity Fair red carpet. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine