Carlee Russell’s story gripped the nation. HOLR breaks down the trending case.

Carlee Russell Traffic Camera Video

HOLR breaks down what happened in the viral case involving missing person, Carlee Russell, and why the trending traffic camera video footage is making waves online.

Carlee Russell Found

A 2-day search finally ended when missing Carlethia “Carlee” Russell arrived at her family’s home on foot, as noted in the below TikTok video posted by user @cbsmornings explaining the situation that gripped the nation.


Following a sprawling two-day statewide search, Carlee Russell returned to her family’s Alabama home on foot Saturday night. She had been missing after calling 911, reporting that she saw a toddler walking alone on the side of the highway. #news #alabama #carleerussell #hooveralabama

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Carlee Russell Updates

As noted in the TikTok video, Russell allegedly appeared at her family’s door on Saturday night a little after 48 hours when she was initially reported missing. Russell reportedly went missing after phoning 911 and a family member that she spotted a small child walking alone while driving along the highway.

Carlee Russell Traffic Camera video

Traffic cam footage from Thursday night’s ordeal, when 25-year-old Russell went missing, went viral online after it showed her pulling over to check on the alleged lost toddler she claimed she saw walking alone on the Interstate. She supposedly called out to the toddler while on the phone with family explaining the situation, but there was no response. Allegedly, the family member then heard Russell start screaming. When police finally arrived, Russell – nor the child- were anywhere to be found. According to this article, Alabama authorities have not found or identified the supposed child in the case. However, Russell’s cell phone, wig, and purse were seen near her car when police arrived on the scene to report to Russell’s call.

Following Russell’s return home after going missing, police have yet to reveal any details about her disappearance. A man alleging to be her boyfriend took to social media to state that Russell was “fighting for her life for 48 hours” in response to her return. As mentioned here, Russell’s mother told TODAY that her daughter was kidnapped.

Russell has not come forward to address what happened since returning home. She has reportedly been taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Carlee Russell Reddit

Reddit users have taken to the platform in this thread to discuss the trending story, theories and the eerie traffic cam footage that went viral online. Here’s what some Reddit users had to say about the situation:

“From the video I watched it seemed like she literally just vanished. I didn’t watch it many times to continue looking for things because the video gives me the bad feels,” said one user.

“The whole child decoy theory didn’t make sense to me. I got downvoted a lot for it, but nobody does that, at least not in 2023, on the side of a busy highway. If you’re kidnapping a stranger, using a child as a decoy just makes it harder, because you’re dealing with a child while simultaneously kidnapping an adult. It’s just an illogical thing to do on the side of a highway. An offender would be better off taking someone from a parking lot. How would someone be able to even know if it’s going to be a single woman stopping to help? We’re talking about a busy highway here. It just doesn’t make sense. I don’t know if it’s a prank, a mental breakdown, or what, but I hope she’s found. I just don’t buy this child decoy theory in the slightest,” stated another user.

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