Carlee Russell was found after being reported missing for over 48 hours. Now, she is being accused of faking her own kidnapping. HOLR breaks down the latest news.

After going missing on the side of a highway following seeing a young toddler walking on their own, Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell appeared at her family’s home following a 48-hour search. Russell has since been transported to the hospital but is now being accused by the public of faking her own kidnapping after recent press conference updates were revealed.

Carlee Russell Updates

Russell showed up at her family’s home approximately 48 hours after she was reported missing following her pulling over on the interstate to seemingly report to 911 that a young child was seen walking alone. She has since been taken to the hospital to assess any injuries and has reportedly briefly spoken with investigators regarding the incident. After her arrival, her mother came out to claim that her daughter was ‘kidnapped.’

This is a recording of the 911 call allegedly made by Russell the night she went missing as posted on TikTok by user @abbylynn0715:


CARLEE 911 AUDIO!!! #fyp #foryou #carlee #carleerussell #carleerusselcase #crime #crimetok #crimestories #news #police #update #footage #xyzbca

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Carlee Russell Press Conference

According to this article, police are having difficulties verifying her story, in which Nick Derzis, chief of police in Hoover, Alabama stated, “We have no reason to believe that there is a threat to public safety related to this particular case.” At a recent press conference regarding the case, it was also seemingly brought up that a lot of questions were left unanswered and that investigators were unable to confirm alleged claims made by Russell in regard to her story. In the below TikTok video posted by user @abbylynn0715, Russell was also alleged to be stealing things from her work and made interesting internet searches that supposedly related to her disappearance. It is also alleged that she was looking up one-way bus tickets.


HOOVER PD PRESS CONF #fyp #foryou #carlee #carleerussell #carleerusselcase #crime #crimetok #crimestories #news #police #update #xyzbca

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Additionally, the article goes on to say that Russell supposedly conducted curious internet searches on her phone and computer that were “very relevant” to her going missing. For instance, it was discovered that she allegedly looked up a “very relevant” movie – seemingly the movie was “Taken” which is about an abduction- as well as questions regarding Amber Alerts. She also allegedly looked up how to “take out money from a cash register without getting caught.” As a result, the public is accusing Russell of lying. TikTokers, such as user @bekahdayyy (below) took to the platform to address the alleged news that this was all a scam.


Im completely speechless after that press conference… #fyp #carleerussell

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Carlee Russell Hoax

Was it all a hoax? Russell has not come forward personally to address her claims so as of right now it still remains unclear what happened to the Alabama woman that night.

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