Caryn Marjorie is supposedly the first social media creator to create a digital copy of herself and be turned into an AI. HOLR has the details.

caryn marjorie

Image credit: Caryn Marjorie Twitter (@cutiecaryn)

Who is Caryn Marjorie? The social media star – whose claim to fame was on Snapchat- is making waves online as the first creator to make a digital copy of herself to interact with other users online. Marjorie has made claims that suggest that this chatbot would be like having a “real-life” partner.

As mentioned in this article, Marjorie allegedly uploaded over 2,000 hours of content to be able to turn herself into a digital copy and interact with people all over the internet as an AI version of herself. Marjorie reportedly charges users $1 per minute in which the AI can interact virtually can engage in casual or NSFW conversations.

During a recent interview with Fortune, Marjorie detailed a claim that she could potentially make $5 million in a month if only 20,000 of her 1.8 million followers on Snapchat use the service.

Check out the details regarding Marjorie’s AI “Girlfriend” below in this recent Tweet:

As noted in the above video, what’s interesting to note is that the AI is not supposed to have sexually explicit conversations but it is instead supposed to be a tool to ease people’s loneliness in that the AI is allegedly supposed to be flirty and fun. However, it seems as though it has gone rogue in some instances, according to the above Tweet.

Dubbed CarynAI, you can reportedly engage in real-time interactions in which Forever Voices- the AI brand that helped create the experience- claimed that they have end-to-end encryption throughout the experience. This means that chats with CarynAI will ultimately remain confidential and secure.

Marjorie has also been keeping her fans up to date on the AI process with her Tweets.

What do you think: Are AI relationships or partners the way of the future?

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